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Museum Ecológico de Trópico Seco

Department: Carazo

Municipality: Diriamba (view on map)

Type: Museums

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:

8 AM - 12 PM
2 PM - 4 PM

Saturday and sunday pre-schedule



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This museum, called the museo Ecológico de Trópico Seco, gives visitors an in-depth look into the flora and fauna of the Carazo department and other areas at the Pacific side of Nicaragua.

The museum exhibits are nicely decorated with many pictures, drawings, and other illustrative objects. This museum, located close to the center of Diriamba, is a great stop while visiting (or passing by) this culturally attractive town.

A large part of the department of Carazo is located at an elevation, providing a different habitat for plants and animals than other departments. These rich but fragile ecosystems, however, are constantly threatened by human interference and other threats, which is also one of the things explained in the museum.

There are in total seven different themes covered in the museum:

1. The dry-tropical region of Nicaragua.
2. Formation of vegetation at the Pacific side.
3. Animal species threatened with extinction.
4. Volcanic formations and their impact on the environment.
5. The hydraulic cycle.
6. The coffee plateau.
7. Actual and proposed soil use in Carazo.

In addition to the exhibits, there is also a library with books related to the topics, and a room that can be rented for events (capacity for 50 people).

Visitors can guide themselves through the museum, as the objects exhibited are well-explained. For groups the museum can also facilitate guides. The entrance fee is C$20 for foreigners and C$8 for Nicaraguans. There are special tariffs for schools. Notice the museum ahead of time if you are visiting with a large group.

Sunday visits are possible by appointment.

Getting There

The museum is located in front of the police station of Diriamba, near the hospital and the football (soccer) stadium. Coming from Managua, you should take a right six blocks before the famous clock of Diriamba. The museum is located four blocks down the road, in a yellow building.

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