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Chaman Bar

Address Nicaraguan addresses
Del Restaurante Tiscapa, 200 metros al Sur.

Phone (505) 2272 1873
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Department: Managua

Municipality: Managua (view on map)



  • Linda wrote on Dec 15, 2016:

    Estuve en ese lugar y sali enojada y decepcionada que a estas alturas todavia exista gente racista, si no es por tu color es por tu edad y peor si les caes mal, los de la entrada no te dejan entrar(se crren que trabajan para la CIA esos corrientes)....que vergonzoso, despues los comentarios que los Nicaraguenses somos ignorantes... uno va a pagar no es gratis la entrada ni los tragos y los de la puerta se creen la mamacita de tarzan, no tienen educacion y super rudos. No lo recomiendo el tal Chaman... Para el gerente general educe a sus empleados

  • Miriam wrote on Nov 12, 2012:

    Another thing is its really sad that the guy they have at the door denying entrance is the same kind of people that r not allowed foot in there.. I know they need the money but why work somewhere where they themselves would not be allowed entrance because of their looks! Don't waste ur time!!!!!!!! Don't allow this to happen don't spend ur good money where they discriminate against their own kind ! Uncivilized Indians !

  • Miriam wrote on Nov 12, 2012:

    I was so excited to go this club because of the huge pyramid type! However at the door I was denied entrance not even 2 min on the line .. I was with a group of six girls and was told only 2 of the the 6 girls would be allowed including me , when I asked why the ugly ass midget motherfucker said we have the right to refuse admission! Wtf? All because my cousins were dark skinned it definitely could not have been their attire because I'm from NY and trust me I know it has to always be dressed to impress.. I knew discrimination existed here from prior trips but I thought things changed! I guess not... I would never spend $1.00 dollar in this establishment. I also will spread the word!

  • rafael wrote on Dec 21, 2011:

    esta buenisima esta pagina

  • wrote on Oct 18, 2011:

  • zayda wrote on Jul 29, 2011:

    I was in Nicaragua on July 22 and was invited to this club Chaman. I had a good time until my camera was stolen by the waiter so if you plan visiting this club please be careful they love to steal cameras.

  • zayda solis wrote on Jul 29, 2011:

    Estuve de visita en Nicaragua y mi sobrino me invito al Chaman el dia 22 de Julio la pase muy bien hasta que al final de la noche todos nos levantamos a bailar el mesero se acerco a limpiar la mesa y en ese momento se desaparecio mi camara asi que por favor tengan mucho cuidado con los meseros del Chaman para terminar nos quejamos con seguridad, hablamos con el gerente y hasta la fecha el gerente no me ha regresado la llamada. Mucho cuidado con en Chaman.

  • Joe wrote on Jan 14, 2011:

    To whom is my concern:

    I was in Nicaragua last week visiting and I was invited to your club, but due to a miss trained from one of your employee told to leave the club. I Think you should train your personnel well and give the proper information about
    procedure with in the club . Thank You

  • aaron wrote on Oct 25, 2009:

    i've been there very time i go to mga it is by far the best club in mga. i go with friends from 305 and my cuzs that live there.we always have a good time. well for those that cant get in learn how to dress and dance.i would have loved to see the rediculos dance fron usa that is the stupidest thing i ever heard.

  • jason wrote on Sep 30, 2009:

    yall people for real they didnt let you in!!! and u got kick out cuz u was dancin usa style.. well thats fuck up cuz i wen to that place like 50tyms drinkin dancing miami stlye and they didnt told me shyt...

  • Ana wrote on Sep 18, 2009:

    I went with some of my friends , and since my friends from nicaragua didn't look americans they didn't let us in. i think this is some descrimination shit.

  • daniel lee wrote on Aug 12, 2009:

    They kick you out for dancing too hard. I was doing some dance move from USA and they kicked me out for that. This is most ridiculous moment I ever had in my entire life and vacation.

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The diversity of environments, an unique pyramid design and the permanent "till the body drops" attitude makes El Chamán an excellent option to party in the city of Managua.

Besides its wide dance floor, the spaces between tables allow visitors to dance wherever they want. There are three main environments: the first floor, which has a dance floor in it, the second floor, which is kind of a VIP area, and the external terrace. The location also has a private parking lot.

El Chamán has 16 years of serving the Nicaraguan and foreigner public. Its new establishment, situated in a central area of Managua, has a pyramid design decorated with indigenous details and is surrounded by open spaces.

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