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On line reservation conditions Selva Negra Resort
Every reservation request set through will be received and revised by Selva Negra Resort team. The on line booking will follow two steps: the first one block the room/cabin; the second one definitely guarantee the room/cabin for the client. Below is a explanation about the steps, the dates, and the cancellation policies.

First step: If the room/cabin requested during the on line reservation process is available for the selected dates, Selva Negra Resort will confirm the reservation request reception and will block the involved room/cabin (meanwhile, it would be unavailable for other clients). A 10% of the reservation amount total cost will be charged to the client’s credit card.
Second step: Selva Negra Resort team will contact the client by telephone or e-mail. From the total reservation amount, a 50% payment for the regular dates, or a 100% payment for the special dates or that involve special dates, will be asked. This payment could be done by credit card or bank deposit. This payment will definitely guarantee the room/cabin for the client. If this second payment could not be arranged between the Selva Negra Resort and the client, the first 10% payment will be reimbursed or unblock on client’s behalf.

  • Regular dates: week days, from Monday to Friday.
  • Special dates: weekend, from Saturday to Sunday. Christmas and New Year (December 20 – January 20); Holy Week (from the previous Saturday to the Tuesday after the holy week); and National Holiday (September 13-15).

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation without Penalty:
Any cancellation for reservations on regular dates, made with 72 hours or more before the arrival day will not incur any penalty.

Any cancellation for reservations on special dates or involving special dates, made with 7 days or more before the arrival day will not incur any penalty.

The payed reservation fee will be reimbursed or unblocked on client’s behalf.

Cancellation Penalties:
Any cancellation made with less than 72 hours for regular dates reservations, or with less than 7 days for special dates or involving special dates reservation, will have a penalty charge equivalent to the first night amount. This amount will not be available for future dates. The amount do not include the 10% first payment.

If the client do not show on the arrival day, or do not use the room/cabin reserved under his/her name, will be charged the total reservation amount as penalty.

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