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Presentation of old movies | Dec 4, 2006

To celebrate its 27th anniversary on December 6, the Nacional Film Library (Cinemateca Nacional) will present two interesting Mexican films shot in Nicaragua in the 1950’s. The movies include images of the Granada islets and the old Managua.

The first movie is titled ‘Rapto al Sol’ (1956), made by the director Fernando Méndez. The movie, in color, was shot around the Granada islets and it is about a beautiful, Mexican upper-class tourist who is kidnapped by a rich islet owner. The movie will be presented at 5 PM on Wednesday, and the entrance fee is C$25.

The second movie is called ‘La llamada de la muerte’ (1958), from Antonio Orellana. It is a classic gangster movie that takes place in Managua in the 50’s, and it also includes gunfights in the Managuan streets. This film will be presented after the first one, at exactly 7 PM, and the entrance fee is also C$25.