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"La Gritería" celebration in Nicaragua | Dec 4, 2006

Coming Thursday, December 7, Nicaragua will be celebrating a religious event called “La Gritería”. This popular, traditional celebration brings about massive happiness and participation throughout the country. At 6 PM thousands of people will go out to the streets to sing in front of some of the many Mary altars that have been set up in houses throughout almost all of Nicaragua’s cities and villages. The singers are rewarded with sweets, fruits, sugar candies and other small presents.

This Nicaraguan tradition originated in the 19th century and it has gained national popularity in a short time. This event has a religious character, as it takes place in the evening of the Day of the Virgin Mary (December 8) with the idea to thank for miracles attributed to Mary.

The celebration also involves a large quantity of loud fireworks. To learn more about this and other traditional celebrations that take place in Nicaragua in December be sure to read our December Celebration Special.