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Invitation to the First ECOFestival of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route

Clementine Haudecoeur | Sep 9, 2015

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Presentation of the program of the first ECOFestival of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route organized in Masaya.

Next Sunday, September 13th, in the city of Masaya, will take place the First ECOFestival from the region of the Colonial and Volcanoes Trail. This initiative developed by the environmental NGO África 70 is part of the Project Support to Economic Local Development through the touristic sector: Colonial and Volcanoes Route, financed by the European Union and the Nicaraguan Government; and executed by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), with technical support from the Development Cooperation Agency from Luxemburg (LuxDev).

The main objective of this ECOFestival is to raise awareness in the population, promoting the implementation of good practices of integrated solid waste management, mainly around protected areas and touristic routes that are part of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route, in natural and urban areas. The idea is to lead to the understanding that good waste management will allow to better develop and promote touristic activity in the country.

The event will be divided in two major moments. First, it will begin in the morning at 10am with the inauguration of the Cailagua’s Petroglyphs Touristic Route Clean-Up Day”, followed by a guided tour, showing the archaeological, cultural and socio economical attractions of the area. The tour, given by new Touristic Guides trained by the Project of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route, will end in the Plaza de la Cultura in Masaya, where the second part of the event will take place.

The ECOFestival per se will start from 2pm. You will be able to appreciate the work and exchange with craftsmen, MSMEs and local cooperatives of different sectors, which will present handicrafts made of recycled materials, natural medicine products, and stands of traditional Nicaraguan food. Thus, you will be able to see the new touristic offer created through local development projects subsidized from the Colonial and Volcanoes Route Project. During all the afternoon, you will also be able to enjoy the company of famous national music groups such as MILLY MAJUC, LECHE BURRA, MANIFIESTO URBANO and the environmental troubadour Salvador Bustos.

This event with a touristic-environmental focus was designed and organized by África 70 in collaboration with the departmental delegation of INTUR Masaya, the Mayor Office of Masaya, the MEFFCA and the Management Unit of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route Project. It is important to mention that once the event will be finished, the solid waste generated will be moved away and processed in the Recycling Plant of Chinandega.

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