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Third Edition of the French Theater Festival in Nicaragua

Clementine Haudecoeur | Sep 11, 2015

Press Conference before the inauguration of the festival | Photographer: Clémentine Haudecoeur

Plays by French authors interpreted by Centro-American troupes and a French guest.

From September 17, to October 15, the French Alliance of Managua invites the Nicaraguan public to its French Theater Festival that will take place for the third consecutive year in the capital.

The public will have the opportunity to see plays of very different styles, ranging from classical theater with the Teatro Memorias from Honduras, to mime theater with the French artist IMMO, to comedia del arte with Escenarte from Guatemala, up to contemporary theater with the Nicaraguan Troupe Drugo’s. For the first time, the organizing committee also wanted to open this cultural event to the youngest and decided to present the “Puss in Boots” with the Puppet Theater Troupe from Nicaragua, the Guachipilín.

According to Juan Francisco Bonil, Director of the French Alliance in Managua, this festival creates a real place for cultural exchange because of this distinctive idea to present French plays adapted to Spanish by Centro-American troupes. Marylaure Crettaz, Regional Thematic Advisor at the Swiss Cooperation Agency in Central America, main sponsorship of the event, explained that culture is part of the development of a country and underlined the importance to support Centro-American Theater Troupes.

This French Theater Festival is oragnized by the French Alliance of Managua, sponsored by the Swiss Cooperation Agency in Central America, and supported by CLARO, Nex Services, Hotel Europeo, Tn8, Canal 2, Radio Rock FM, between others.


- September 17, 7:00pm: “La Loca de Chaillot” (The Crazy Chaillot) from Jean Giraudoux with the Teatro Memorias from Honduras.
This play, selected for the inauguration of the Festival, is the adaptation of a classical French play written during the Second World War.

- September 24, 7:00pm: “La Buscapleitos” (The Schemer) from Louis Edmond Duranty with Escenarte de Guatemala.
This comedy from the 16th century, inspired by the comedia del arte, is the result of the collaboration of the Mexican director Juan Antonio Llanes and the artists from the Guatemalan troupe.

- October 02, 7:00pm: “Historias con Pelotas” (Story of Balls) y “Esto está bien”(It’s alright) with the French artist IMMO.
Mime theater with acrobatics, music and magic.

- October 03 and 04: “El Gato con Botas” (Puss in Boots) from Charles Perrault adapted by the Nicaraguan Puppet Theater Troupe Guachipilín.
The Guachipilín troupe adapted for the second time this classical French tale coming from the French oral tradition.

- October 15, 7:00pm: “Combate de Negros y de Perro” (Black and Dogs War) from Bernard-Marie Koltés with the Grupo Drugo´s from Nicaragua.
Drugo's will participate for the second year in the Festival with this complex play about irreconcilable cultural differences.

NOTE: Each performance will cost C$100 and will be held in the Teatro Bernard-Marie Koltés in the Alianza Francesa de Managua (Planes de Altamira, De la Embajada de México ½ c. al Norte).

We inform you that apart from the plays, the French Alliance of Managua is also offering workshops regarding the different theater styles presented in the Festival, which are comedia del arte, mime theater and acting. For each of these workshop, a minimum of 10 participants is required. If you are interested, please call the 22672811 ext.107.