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Concert for the launch of Monroy y Surmenage third record

Clementine Haudecoeur | Sep 17, 2015

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Three bands will join Monroy y Surmenage for the launch of Polo a Tierra this Friday, September 18.

This Friday, Spetember 18, you are invited to the concert for the launch of the third record of Monroy y Surmenage, Polo a Tierra, at 9:00pm in the French Allaince of Managua (cost: C$80).

Born in 2007, this Nicaraguan alternative rock band already progressed a lot in its career and is already quite famous not only in Nicaragua but also in Costa Rica and Mexico. Unlike the first two records, Uff Master and Ahí vienen los aliens!,this album has a strong connection with Nature. It is an “ode to our roots and a tribute to Mother Earth and to our identity” says Josué Monroy, singer and leader of the band. Monroy explains that each song has simple lyrics but very strong symbolism with a passive-aggressive intensity. According to him, this record “feels Nicaraguan and with rage”.

Monroy assures that Nicaraguan are going to identify with this álbum with, for example, “Gigante de maíz”, an emblematic song from the album, that as written to increase the self-esteem of the nation. He also mentioned that another song, “Luna Marfil”, was created in memory of Gustavo Cerati, a legend of Latin-American rock who died last year.

Monroy y Surmenage will be joined in this event by the following guests:
- Nemi Pipali
- Eleonore
- DJ Cerdo

We remind you that the member of the band are Josué Aleksey Monroy Ortega (guitar and singing), Noel "Chipi" Portocarrero (bass and singing), Lenin Ortiz (guitar and singing), Mauricio "Cueriux" Conrado (battery and sequences), Cristian "Sosó" Jiménez (keyboard).

If you can’t wait, you can already listen to some of the songs here: Polo a Tierra
And if you’re interested in learning more about the band, here are there Facebook and there Twitter.