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Green trekking with obstacles in Telica Volcano and San Jacintos Open-air Hot springs

Róger Solórzano Canales | Sep 15, 2015

Crater of Telica Volcano, in León. | Photographer: Paul Hoekman

Two free events in León on September, 19.

The offer for this Saturday, September 19 is the following: walk on the track towards the crater of an active volcano in León, appreciating nature and the views; then participate with local families to a massive clean-up of solid waste, in order to enjoy afterwards some traditional sandwiches from the area with a 360° view; resuming after a break by going down to the fumaroles and the hot springs of the volcano where a touristic fair will be held, with artistic shows, family games, handicrafts, local gastronomy, exposition of the touristic offer of the area and more.

This offer interests you? Well, the best part is that the participation is completely free and includes transport from the area of the volcano to the city of León, as well as drinks and snacks, and company of local guides with a first aid team in order to guarantee the security of everyone. In order to take part to this experience, you only have to register with the organizing team, which contact information is at the bottom of this article.

This adventure is the combination of two events in a single day and in a single region, that we will explain in the following paragraphs. Both events were organized by the NGO África 70 as part of the activities of the project of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route (CVR), financed by the European Union. The design and organization of those events were done in collaboration with the Managing Unit of the CVR Project (directed by LuxDev), the Departmental Delegation of León of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), the Minsitry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA), the mayor offices of León y Telica, and the Toursim Cabinets.

Details of the events and contact for registration:

Landscape in Telica Volcano.
Green treking with obstacles in Telica Volcano: this is the beginning of the whole activity and will start from the entrance of the community of La Quimera, at 7:00 am. Every participant, those coming with the organizing comity transport (going out from the office of the INTUR León) or those coming on their own transport, must be at the meeting point on time, in order to begin the climb of Telica Volcano up to its crater. They added the notion of “obstacles” because you will pass by two illegal garbage dumps that block the local touristic dynamism, and where you will help collect some waste with families of the community.

After cleaning-up, the participants will enjoy some snacks, honey, traditional drinks and other products form the host community called El Rayo. After a short break, you will resume the trekking up to the Loma de Los Caballos (impressive view), and then go down to the hot springs. The trek should take 9 hours in total, considering the break and the cleaning-up activity.

San Jacinto Hotsprings.
Open-air hot springs of San Jacinto: the second event, and second part of the day, will start at 4:30pm, once everyone will have come back from the trek. The activity will take place in the touristic site and local community of Hot springs of San Jacinto (active fumaroles and hot springs of the Telica) were a touristic fair will take place with a show of artistic illuminations over the natural fumaroles. There will also be an exposition of gastronomic products, home-made and ecological, as well as the exhibition of the touristic offer of the Telica Volcano route – hot springs of San Jacinto; educative games, cultural shows, music and more. In order to close the day, the Polyphonic Choir of Managua will sing in the illuminating stage of the hot springs. Once the event will be finished, transports will take you back to the city of León for those who would have register for this service beforehand.

It is important to emphasize the fact that this initiative is a way to promote and raise awareness on the public about the implementation of good practices of integral solid waste management in the protected areas and the tracks of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route (region that includes the departments of Chinandega, León, Managua, Masaya, Granada y Rivas). Another objective of the day is to make people know more about the important offer and the touristic richness of the area, in order to contribute to the promotion and touristic dynamism strengthened by a Subsidized Project from the CVR Project.

For inscriptions and more information, contact:

  • Departmental Delegation of INTUR León: (505) 8920 4200, (505) 2311 3582.
  • Technical Assistant Colonial and Volcanoes Route / Delegation of INTUR León: (505) 8786 5641.
  • Coordinator Project Subv / 10 / NIC-824: (505) 8929 8572.

Translated by Clementine Haudecoeur