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First Meeting of Touristic Entrepreneurs in Managua

Clementine Haudecoeur | Sep 23, 2015

Round table with professionals from the touristic sector of Nicaragua organized next Tuesday, September 29.

“Thousand millions of tourists, thousand millions of opportunities“, this is the slogan of the First Meeting of Touristic Entrepreneurs, that will take place next Tuesday, September 29 at 8:30am in the main auditorium of the UCC, campus Managua.

This event is organized by the UCC (University of Commercial Sciences), REN (Network of Nicaraguan Entrepreneurs) and in order to celebrate the World Tourism Day. The objective is to gather different professionals of the sector (entrepreneurs, academicians and communication specialists) in a round table to discuss how to modify the touristic image of Nicaragua and make a real change in the actual tourism policy, in order to succeed in retaining the attention of the tourists on all the unique that country has to offer them.

Róger Solórzano Gaitán, president of and moderator of the round table on the day of the event, explains that up to now, most of the time, people sell Nicaragua for its beaches and volcanoes. However, there is much more to explore like the opportunities of cultural tourism or gastronomic tourism for example.

Program of the meeting:

8:30am: Attendance record
8:45am: Welcome speech
9:00am: Round table
10:30am: Prize-giving to pioneers of tourism in Nicaragua

Topics to be discussed during the round table:

- The opportunities of Nicaragua considering international markets – Catalina Gordon (Expert in Touristic Promotion)
- The opportunities for new investments – Raúl Calvet (Entrepreneur and Promoter of Investment)
- New attractions and advertisement – Lucy Valenti (Promoteur of International Surfing in Nicaragua)
- Opportunities from the perspective of major hotels – Álvaro Diéguez (President of the Hotels Association)
- The new challenges for Nicaragua – Anasha Campbel (Codirector of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute - INTUR)
- Future challenges for tour operators – Lourdes Fuentes (Marketing Manager of Careli Tours)
- A global glance at new opportunities – Carolina Somarriba (OMT Nicaragua)

Entrepreneurs and other professionals of the touristic sector, come to debate on those important subjects for the future of tourism in Nicaragua!