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More touristic infrastructures in the Natural Reserve Cosigüina Volcano

Clementine Haudecoeur | Oct 13, 2015

Thermal Water Pool | Photographer: Sayra Jarquin

Inauguration of the “Three Countries Viewpoint” and the "Thermal Water Pool of Cosigüina".

Since the end of September 2015, national and international touristes can now benefit from two new touristic infrastructures in the Natural Reserve of Cosigüina Volcano, municipality of El Viejo, Department of Chinandega.

The Three Countries Viewpoint:

Located on the summit of Cosigüina Volcano, the name of that viewpoint comes from the fact that it allows you to appreciate the Punta San José in Nicaragua, as well as the coasts of Honduras and El Salvador.

The track to the viewpoint was improved and now counts with sign posts, a resting area and an observation point. Now, it is also possible to camp in the summit of the volcano thanks to the camping spots that were built. Finally, touristic guides were trained in order to accompany the tourists who want to.

Being at the viewpoint, you will be amazed by the colorful flora y fauna from the Natural Reserve of Cosigüina Volcano. You will be able to come across white-tailed deer, huge iguanas, red paca or butterflies, and different species of flowers, which live in the path to the lagoon located in the crater of the volcano. You will enjoy the beauty of Nature and the incredible view.

The Thermal Water Pool:

This thermal water pool is located in the La Piscina community, in Cabo de Horno, on the edge of Cosigüina Volcano.

The installations were completly remodelled and equipment was given to the three ranches near the pool in order to improve the conditions of tourists’ services.

Those thermal waters coming from the volcano have a lot of therapeutic properties. It has been proved that taking a bath in thermal waters improves blood circulation and body oxygenation, helps getting rid of germs, as well as dissolving and eliminating toxins from the body, and also helps with the digestion.

The project:

Adding to the improvement of the touristic infrastructures, the project also supported rural MSMEs with their projects of selling typical products and food to tourists.

The Foundation Nicaraguan Network of Community Business (RENICC) and the Intercommunity Association for Strategic Development of Cosigüina Peninsula (AIDEPC), executive entities of the project, worked really hard, hand in hand with the communities of the area, to be able to offer those new rural tourism options.

The total cost of the project was of 199,318.00 €. It was financed by the European Union and the Nicaraguan Government as part of the project of the “Colonial and Volcanoes Route”, implemented by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), with the technical support of the Cooperation Agency of Luxembourg (LuxDev).

More information on this project here.