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Güegüense and Saint Celebrations in Diriamba | Jan 5, 2007

The city of Diriamba celebrates this month the Saint Sebastián with a huge cultural program of 10 days full of activities, from January 17th to January 27th. During the celebration there will be dances and traditional interpretations of the comedian ballet El Güegüense, recently declared as a “Patrimony of Humanity” by the UNESCO. Due to this honour the Nicaraguan Institution of Tourism supports the celebration financially and logistically.

Before the cultural activities begin, there will be the election of the Queen of the Saint Celebrations in Diriamba out of eight candidates. Saturday 6th there will take place the election and the coronation will be on Saturday 13th with a carnival and presentations of live music.

On Wednesday 17th the 10 days of activities initiate, which are taking place at the Central Square and La Casa De Cultura. Life music, professional folkloric dance groups, national music (marimba), traditional dances, FIRE Works and a procession to the hill of the Saints are only some of the activities which are offered.

For further information for the cultural program see our Calendario de Eventos for the days marked as celebration days.