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New: Eco-Hostel and Biological Station in Masaya Volcano National Park

Clementine Haudecoeur | Oct 20, 2015

Kitchen of the Eco-Hostel Sacuanjoche. | Photographer: Jonathan Moreno Nuñez

Initiatives to impulse community tourism in the department of Masaya.

Last Friday, October 16th, three new touristic infrastructures were inaugurated in El pasado viernes 16 de octubre se inauguraron tres nuevas infraestructuras turísticas en el Masaya Volcano National Park, municipality of Nindirí, department of Masaya.

Eco-Hostel Sacuanjoche:

This Eco-Hostel located at the base of Masaya Volcano is equipped to receive up to 12 people, including a kitchen area to prepare Nicaraguan food.

Biological Station Sacuanjoche:

Located next to the Eco-Hostel, this biological station has all the material required to properly receive scientists and students studying the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the Natural Reserve of Masaya Volcano National Park.

Touristic Information Office:

Located in front of the Visitors’ Center, the objective of this small office is to promote the touristic offer designed for the tourists to go visit the rural communities of the area, which means the communities of: La Sabanita, Camilo Ortega, Venecia, Pochote and Los Amadores.

This office is administered by the Cooperative of touristic services ARATINGA, which has the basic equipment to offer touristic services such as mountain cycling, horse riding and hiking.

The project:

Those new infrastructures are part of the results of a project executed by the Association of the Municipalities of the Department of Masaya (AMUDEMAS) and by the Inter-municipal Corporation for local economic development (CIDEL), of the 9 municipalities of the department of Masaya. With a total budget of 149,926.00 €, this initiative was made possible thank to the project of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route (CVR), financed by the European Union and the Nicaraguan Government, executed by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute with technical support of the Cooperation Agency of Luxembourg (LuxDev).

In addition to the infrastructures previously mentioned, the project allowed:
- the remodeling of the following trails: Las Pencas, Sastepe, Montoso, y Nancital in direction of the Cooperative El Ventarrón and Los Murciélagos trail in the way of the agro touristic farm Los Aguirres in the protected area of Masaya Volcano National Park (MVNP)
- the installation of interpretative and informative sign posts on the way to the biological station, the eco-hostel, the touristic information office and the different trails
- the construction of the view point called Los Aguirres that offers a panoramic view of the whole MVNP complex
- the training of 31 community youths as touristic guides and the creation of the Cooperative of touristic services ARATINGA
- the creation of 5 anti-fire squads in the MVNP
- the construction of a honey collection center for the Cooperative of beekeepers Masaya Volcano
- and finally equipped several local touristic MSMEs.

There is no doubt this project will participate in a significant way to the dynamism of the touristic sector of this area. Sin duda, este proyecto participará de manera significativa a dinamizar el sector turístico de la zona. We invite you to go learn more about this new offer!

More information in Spanish about this project of the CVR here.