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Chichigalpa inaugurated its new Municipal Eco touristic Complex at the foot of San Cristóbal Volcano

Clementine Haudecoeur | Nov 5, 2015

Cabins from the Eco touristic complex. | Photographer: Sayra Jarquin

New sustainable tourism initiative in the department of Chinandega.

Chichigalpa, the Princess of the West, known to be the city where sugar cane is processed and where the famous Flor de Caña Rum is produced, decided to also be ton its natural beauty, inverting is the development of sustainable tourism with the creation of a Municipal Eco touristic Complex.

Located in the Municipal Ecological Park of the San Cristóbal Volcano, at the foot of the volcano, the new Eco touristic Complex San Cristóbal-Las Brisas has:
- 4 cabins with a capacity of 4 people
- 5 cabins with a capacity of 2 people
- 1 interpretative center
- 1 outdoor dining room
- 1 center for handicrafts exposition and selling
- 3 bathroom areas (2 of them with showers)
- 1 administrative office
- 1 parking area
Everything was thought in order to preserve as much as possible the natural beauty of the place and there is an amazing viewpoint to observe the magnificence of the volcano only a few meters away from the cabins.
It is important to mention that the infrastructures are not currently opened but everything should be ready to welcome tourists in December 2015.

This project of municipal public infrastructures represented a total inversion of 250.000€ and was executed by the Mayor Office of Chichigalpa. It was designed in order for this new touristic activity to become a complementary work that would help improve the life quality of the people from the closest communities.

In that context, the Cooperative of Rural Tourism in Chichigalpa, (COOTURCHI), was created and gathers 43 members of 8 different communities. This Cooperative was trained and equipped in order to provide services of horse riding, traditional food, local touristic guides and visit to agro touristic farms.

It is important to mention that this complex will strengthen and invigorate the touristic offer of the municipality as well as of the department of Chinandega. In fact, Chinandegan decided to bet on San Cristóbal Volcano as a new source of touristic incomes and keep aside their fear of this whimsical natural strength, believing in the development of a rural tourism of adventure.

This project was a subsidized project of the major touristic initiative of the Colonial and Volcanoes Route (CVR), financed by the European Union and the Nicaraguan Government, executed by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), with technical support from the Cooperation Agency of Luxembourg (LuxDev). To know more about this initiative, please take a look at the following webpage.