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Ceremonial act of presidential posession of FSLN | Jan 9, 2007

Tomorrow the 10th of January, the square “Omar Torrijos”, located close to the national assembly in the antique centre of Managua will be the scenario of the handing over of the national presidential sash to the new president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, head of the Sandinista party (FSLN). The event continues with a ceremonial act at the neighboring square “Plaza de la Fe”.

The act has been considered as “historical” by the national and international public opinion, because it represents the return of the leftwing party after 16 years of govern ship of rightwing parties tending to neo-liberalism. This symbolizes the come back of Ortega and the Sandinista party, who’s revolutionary government got a huge international interest back in the 80´s achieving sympathy or denegation.

The ceremonial act of the presidential possession is visited by 64 foreign delegations, presidents of different countries and other international representatives of high hierarchies. Some of the international figures are Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Raúl Castro and Mahmud Ahmadinejad, governors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and Iran; the heir of the Spanish thrown, prince Felipe De Borbón and the secretary of the United Nations (UNO), José Miguel Inzulsa.

A total of 14,700 policemen and soldiers are securing the event and since the morning of yesterday the public forces are organizing a strict control of the traffic in the area as well as the airport of Managua. The authorities are expecting 400 thousand sympathizers from all over the country at the square “Plaza de la Fe”.

Since Monday midday the police prohibited the wearing of any kind of weapon and alcohol will be prohibited from Wednesday 8:00am the 10th of January until the midday of Thursday 11th.