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Latin American Surf tournament in Playa Hermosa

Stephany Cuadra | Jul 15, 2016

Photo: ALAS | Photographer: Cortesía/Courtesy

Surfers from more than 10 nationalities will compete in four categories

12 km South the city of San Juan del Sur, Rivas, is located "Playa Hermosa", the heavenly beach where the fifth surfing event five star Claro ALAS Latin Pro Nicaragua Surf Clasic will take place, this 16, 17 and July 18 from seven in the morning.

There will be 12 countries, including Nicaragua, that will be competing said the national media, in the Men and Women, Pro Junior (Under 21) and Longboard category, where the current Latin American Champion, Jonathan Chila from Ecuador, comes to defend his champion title, said José Duarte, ALAS communicator.

The beach offers a mixture in the bottom of sand and stone, creating waves with long walls, that "allow surfers all kinds of maneuvers: aerial maneuvers of power (where the surfer uses his strength to make radicals turns and cuts in the wave) and of course, running inside the tubes, a maneuver that requires great technique and ability "added Duarte.

The event will help to promote and publicize the beach, as the surf has been one of the main resources of tourism for the country. In addition there will be the presence of MTV Europe television.

The event fee is C$50 per person, plus C$50 per private vehicle. In addition, “Casa Oro”, sponsor of the event, will be offering a shuttle service from San Juan del Sur to Playa Hermosa, worth US$5 per roundtrip.