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Music and Art Festival in Playa Salinas Grandes

Stephany Cuadra | Aug 19, 2016

Somar Surf Camp And Lodge, in front of Playa Salinas Grandes | Photographer: Cortesía/Courtesy

The first of 12 music festivals to be held in Leon beach.

Beach, night, art and live music by national and international artists will be held this November 19 (it was dated for ith October before) in the first Somar Sunset Music Festival in Salinas Grandes' Beach, from 5:00 pm until dawn the next day.

The event aims to promote local talent to the rest of the country and the world, promoting art and Nicaraguan culture to another level, with musicians, exhibitions of modern and urban art waterfront for appreciation and purchase, accompanied by professional body painters Live.

It is a new concept born from the artistic need of the country, said to Diego March, project manager. To feel again the unlimited power of nature and connect with yourself.

The Fest will be at Somar Surf Camp and Lodge, in Salinas Grandes' Beach with a capacity of up to 3000 people, occupying the area of the hotel and over the coast of the beach. There will be VIP area, artists, sponsors, among others.

Artist of the night

National and international artists, with three musical genres will be presented: Raymond Mayers in Reggae, Digan Whisky and Manifesto Urbano in alternative, Memo Baca, Kimchi and K in house music.

Registration for art exhibitions are open to all those artists who want to show either work or paint Live. To do this, visit Somar page Surf Camp and Lodge here or Facebook Page.

How to get there?

To reach Somar Surf in Salinas Grandes'Beach, you must take the road towards León until km 77 and then go 12 km to the Pacific coast, following the signs.

For those interested in transport, it will be offering the service from Managua in the Hippos area leaving at 3:00 pm on October first, with a cost per person of US$8 one way and another of US$15 round trip.

Also, there will be transportation from the southern corner of the cathedral in Leon, departing at 4:00 pm, with a cost per person of US$4 to get to the event and round trip fee of US$7. All to Somar Surf Camp and Logde. Both transports will return on October the 2nd at 6:15 am.

General admission to the event: US$15

Upcoming festivals

In total there will be 12 festivals to be held in the upcoming months, each pretends to reveal differen scenarios and artists, as well as the launch of new songs and newly produced by DJ'S giving the opportunity to other national and international artists to participate and promote his art, said March.