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Emerge Project: end of season and rock concert

Róger Solórzano Canales | Nov 22, 2016

Three rock band will perform during the closure of the forth season of the project.

A free rock concert will bring together on stage the emerging bands Madru and Beware of Monkeys, and the experienced band Ciclo. The concert will be held in Spanish Cultural Center in Nicaragua (CCEN acronyms in Spanish) on Wednesday Nov 30, starting at 7:30 PM. This event will close the current season of the musical project Emerge.

The forth season of the project started at the beginning of this year with a call responded by 49 bands and more than 200 national artists. The emerging artists for this season were selected after the auditioning. The season’s activities included four technical discussions which seeks to strengthen capabilities and to promote entrepreneurship. Three other concert were already held, and this announced forth one will end the activities.

“Fortunately, this Forth Season have borne fruit in unexpected rhythm, thanks to the proposed music

Beware of Monkeys
quality and the good reception of the young public”, point a press release by the organizers. Emerge is a project which promote entrepreneurship and projection of musical talent. The project is developed by CCNE and Saxo Producciones, as part of the “artistic innovation and creativity” program by CCEN.

The proposal for this Nov 30 according to the organizers: Madru is a rock fusion band from Managua founded in 2014. Beware of Monkeys is a progressive experimental rock band born in 2015 in Carazo. Ciclo is a experienced power trio founded in 2007, which music production could be associated to progressive rock.

Free transportation: there will be a bus connection between Puma Metrocentro Gas Station and CCEN center, departure 7 PM and return 10:30 PM.