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Dry season started in Nicaragua | Nov 11, 2005

The end of the raining season has come, and with that the dry season is beginning. The raining season, also called 'winter' in tropical areas, lasts from April until November. The dry season that is commencing is also known as 'summer', also bringing higher temperatures.

The Meteorology Director at INETER, Mauricio Rosales, said that INETER is monitoring a low pressure area that possibly hits the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua tomorrow. This would bring some rain to this zone, according to Rosales, and it is possibly the final event related to the raining season of this 'winter'.

However, in the coming months it can still rain for three other reasons: effects of the hurricane season, which officially ends November 30th; astronomically the winter is beginning, which could bring rain to Nicaragua; and 'regular rain' can still fall even though the dry season started.

In the tropical country of Nicaragua, there are only two different seasons observed (the raining season, and the dry season). However, at the end of December starts the so called 'astronomical winter' in the northern hemisphere, which brings relatively low temperatures and cold air from the poles to the tropical regions.

The months December and January are therefore the coldest months in Nicaragua, as well as the months in which the dry season is commencing.

With only a little rain, and soon without any rain, the perfect time has come to enjoy the Pacific and Caribbean beaches of Nicaragua.