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Digital Marketing International Meeting in Nicaragua

Fabiola Villarreal | Mar 16, 2017

GO DIGITAL will bring together 5 international speakers, experts in Marketing and Advertising.

Knowing the relevance that digital marketing has in brand promotion isn't just an company obligation, but a strategic way to use digital marketing effectively. If you want to develop skills by learning about the latest trends in digital marketing, the Advertising Agencies Organization of Nicaragua (ONAP) will hold the first International Meeting of digital marketing of Nicaragua on 17 March 2017 at the University of Central America (UCA).

Five international experts in digital marketing will make up a panel of specialists who will cover concrete examples in key areas such as:

-digital strategies (Josafat Solis),
-creativity (Fernando Soaje),
-content creation (Angel Masegosa),
-inbound marketing (Pablo Di Meglio) and other current trends in brands and businesses.

Understanding DIGITAL beyond social media, Facebook, likes, views o shares, is a priority: according to Oscar Amador, President of ONAP "there are still many brands that think that they have everything sorted by just having a social media profile and producing publications to get likes." According to Amador, "a few years ago that strategy might well have been effective, but behaviours have changed since then and that's why an good digital marketing strategy is important".

This meeting targets:

  • SME CEOs, managers and staff, particularly those businesses that just have a Facebook Fan Page
  • Clients of advertising agencies
  • Staff of advertising agencies
  • Students of all marketing and digital communication careers

In an effort to create new learning spaces for brands and businesses to make the most of the digital age phenomenon, OANP held the first edition of the Granada Creative Festival of Advertising. But digital media is ever more relevant today; digital advertising is more personalized and consumer targeted (laptop, tablet or mobile).

People who want to attend should buy a ticket for the event (US$40) at