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III Poetry Festival in Granada | Feb 1, 2007

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For the third year, the colonial city of Granada is going to be the host for the International Poetry Festival. During the first days there will be more than 100 poets from over 40 different countries to celebrate the national and international poetry for one week full of recitals, fairs, book presentations, carnivals, costumes, folkloric dances, concerts and discussions.

This year, the III International Poetry Festival is dedicated to the national poet Pablo Antonio Cuadra (1912-2002), to 80 years of Fernando Silva and to centenarian of Manuel Cuadra, for whom there will be raised a statue, decorated by “Parque de la Poesía”.

The official opening at 6 pm, Wednesday 7th of February will be featured by the President of Nicaragua, the mayor of Granada and the president of the festival with his directorate. In this opening act cannot be missed the dances of the Güegüense, a Nicaraguan play of the pre-Hispanic theatre, recently declared as “Safeguarding of intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO.

The celebration will be spread over the borders of Granada to neighbouring parishes and departments; there were organized recitals in Nandaime, Masaya, Niquinohomo, Diriomo, Diriá, Masatepe, San Marcos, Diriamba, San Juan de Oriente and Catarina.

The real special thing about this festival is the intention to spread poetry all over, to make it accessible, to bring it to the street during the “Poetic Carnival”, where there will be celebrated the symbolic funeral of “intolerance”, accompanied by costumed people, folkloric manifestations and poetic lectures at every corner of the street. Furthermore poetry will be delivered (through declamations) to universities, schools, colleges and the main market of the city.

This event makes a difference in touristy, literary and cultural Granada of the past centuries and is one more opportunity to get to know all the beautiful places in its surrounding: the volcano Mombacho, Lake Cocibolca, the Laguna de Apoyo and its islands.

Its activities will be opened to the public from the 6th to the 10th of February. For further information visit our Calendario de Eventos.