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INC launched a Nicaraguan Handicraft on line catalog

Róger Solórzano Canales | Feb 27, 2018

The catalog cover.

It is a digital book in Spanish with pictures and reference about handicrafts from all over the country.

The “Mapa de las Artesanías de Nicaragua” is now available for general public worldwide. It is a digital book offering more than 140 content pages with pictures and some basic reference in Spanish about artisanal products and some master craftman and craftwoman from the different departments and autonomous region in the country. It was elaborated and presented by the Instituto Nicaragüense de Cultura (INC, Nicaragua Culture Institute).

This publication is a free accessible catalog available on line through the flippingbook application, which offer a page flip effect. It is linked from the INC website, and from this link: Mapa de las Artesanías de Nicaragua. Pictures are wide, and there are some text basic data about place of origin, technique, material and others.

Roland Anglin, Popular Art and Tradition head of office in the INC, and also editor of the catalog, told to that this digital document will be setting up to date frequently with new information about handicraft and craft makers. They also hope to turn it into a dynamic website in the future. Additionally, the institute could set it available in English and Miskito languages (Miskito is indigenous language from the Caribbean in Nicaragua), Anglin said.

The collection of information and pictures, and the verification process, was a three years work for the catalog publishin team, performed together with their regular activities, explained the editor. The first source of information were the handycraft makers periodical meeting organized by the INC, and consultations with the municipal culture office in the different Alcaldias (local or municipal governments).

The on line document was officially launched last Feb 15, during a press conference held in Managua. “At the very end of the conference, 5 people from different places in the country come to us to offer new information. We commited to including that soon. We will regularly up date it”, the editor said.