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Nicaragua: tourism is still in a break

Equipo Editorial | Apr 20, 2020

| Photographer: Paul Hoekman

Activity in standing by due to health and sociopolitical crisis.

Two years after the beginning of a civil rebellion (repressed with disproportionate force) against the political system dominant in the country, all tourism attraction are intact, and waiting for a better time to receive visitors. Now, a global pandemic is added to the insecurity situation promoted by authorities following political reasons.

Hundred of tourism companies have closed in 2020, but still remain a network of hotels, operators and restaurants operating at low capacity. This service provider allow to think that the country capacity will be still good when activity could be retaken with local and foreigners visitors.

Volcanoes, waves, colonial cities, nature reserve, rivers, waterfall, lakes, wildlife and welcoming people is still part of Nicaragua potential. But, current time is not a good one for people to come. For now, practically no airline is arriving to the international airport. And, even if local government has not officially close the border, it is the whole wold who has decided to stay at home.

Nicaraguan government has not yet oriented isolation measures. On the contrary, authorities all over the country are promoting massive activities. How ever, a large number of Nicaraguan people are taking some bio-security measures, and some are resting at home. Official numbers about the health crisis are not credible, so it is recommended to wait a while to come and enjoy a no risk trip. will be informing about a better moment to visit Nicaragua. Businesses that offer tourism services will restart its activities when that time will come. For now, food services companies are the only one in permanent activities, however, several restaurant are closing because of the lack of clients. You will soon enjoy extraordinary trips to a constellation of tourism attractions showed in our website. Thanks for your understanding!