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Explosions at the Concepción Volcano | Feb 9, 2007

Explosions took place this morning (Friday, February 9) at the active Concepción Volcano, located on Ometepe Island. The volcanic activity lasted for more than one hour and included four explosions with expulsions of ashes and gases, as the Nicaraguan Institution for Territorial Investigations, INETER informed.

The activity initiated at 10:45 am and the last explosion of gases and ashes occurred at 11:45 am. After that last explosion the amount of explosive gases started diminishing. The column of gases and winds was not elevated, but instead it slid over the west-southwest slope of the volcano, as INETER informed. It is recommended not to walk close to the base of the volcano because of the existing toxic gases.

Although the volcano's activity has diminished, INETER will continue their observations. It is possible to see pictures and animations of the Concepción Volcano at the web site of this institution, thanks to the installed control cameras. The picture shown here was taken from the web page of INETER.