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Murder of famous national guitar player | Feb 28, 2007

The famous and well-known Nicaraguan guitar player was assassinated yesterday night, Tuesday 27th of February. While he was waiting in his car for the traffic light on a main street in Managua, he was shot in the face. Although the national police did capture the alleged assassins, the shocked national artist community still keeps on investigating.

According to close friends of the musician, the murder happened Tuesday night at seven o’clock. Arnulfo, together with his girlfriend, the well-known singer Keyla Rodríguez (who was not hurt), waited together with other drivers in front of the traffic light at El Paraisito, when two subjects on a motorcycle came close to the driver’s window and one of them shot the musician without saying anything.

Another version, which was published by some national Medias, is that the assassins came walking, approached the back seat with the intention to rob and because of the resistance of Oviedo they shot him and escaped.

The forensic test determined that the only bullet entered the left cheekbone and caused Oviedo’s death after a few minutes. Even though the artist was brought to the Manolo Morales Hospital, it was too late for any medical intervention.

The wake of Arnulfo Oviedo is being held since yesterday at the Catholic University in Managua where he worked as a teacher. The vigil has been extended to three days and will end with the burial.

Since the 80´s, Oviedo has been developing his artistic career, and became established as one of the best guitar players in the country. His last band, named “Son Cinco” included the singer Keyla Rodríguez.

Police captures suspicious persons

The national police searched the area capturing various suspects, among them, one was identified by two witnesses. This afternoon the police arrested the second suspect and both of them were presented to the Medias.

The subjects´ names are Javier Antonio Suárez García and David José Salgado López. Both are registered criminals with a long list of committed crimes. The national police found that the gunpowder test determined one of them as the assassin of the musician.

The authorities continue the investigation, although the head of the national police, Commissioner Aminta Granero, reported to the national Medias that the main witnesses will make the case clear.

Another artist murdered

Nine days before the death of Oviedo, the poet and author Danilo Torres from Estelí was murdered. There are already three suspects and one more who turned himself in and confessed.

Torres was found dead by his family in his house, in the morning of 18th of February. He had 33 wounds caused by a fire arm in different parts of his body, mainly the chest and abdomen. The national police have already passed on the case to the judicial authorities.

Picture: Arnulfo Oviedo playing the guitar. Picture courtesy of Ruta Maya.