- Explore Nicaragua online launches online animal guide | Mar 22, 2007

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With the support of animal experts, wildlife reserves, amateur photographers, and other collaborators presents the first edition of the online animal guide. Information and pictures of a large variety of animals can be found online, and with support of our visitors we hope to convert this into the most extensive collection of Nicaraguan animal information.

The ultimate goal of this guide is to provide information of all of Nicaragua's wildlife, ranging from the tinyiest insects to the largest mammals, and including useful and interesting information of every single animal. The animal guide starts with almost 400 different species, which provides a small yet interesting sample of Nicaragua's fauna. The different categories include mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibian, insects, crustacean, and arachnids, and several of these categories already have more than 80 species listed, often with beautiful pictures.

Amateur photographers and animal enthusiasts are invited to collaborate, sharing their pictures and knowledge and thus helping us expand and improve this animal guide. More information can be found at the online animal guide section.