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Exposition of the Escuela Taller of Granada | Mar 28, 2007

The Escuela Taller of Granada will held tomorrow, Thursday 29th of March, at the central park of Granada, the last exposition of various urban pictures, ornamental pieces and furniture made by students of the school.

The exposition will be opened for everybody from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. According to the architect Olimpia Canales Reñazco, coordinator of the Escuela Taller, the event has the following objective: “show to the community of Granada the skills of the students and make the people see the quality of the work made by the graduated students”.

One interesting point for the visitors will be the opportunity to see the different useful and creative pieces, like furniture and ornamentals, which were made by students with materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and more. The variety includes lamps, tables, sculptures, bathroom accessories, desks, book shelves and much more.

Another interesting point of this event is the picture exhibition, which shows works made by students during their participation in workshops in Granada. Out of these, three works are highlighted: the rebuilding of the La Calzada street and its urban furnishings, the profiles of poets designed by the sculptor Johanes Kranz, which can be seen in the Parque de los Poetas, and the restoration of the oriental wall of the Municipal Palace.

Since 11 years the Escuela Taller of Granada, an institution financed by the Cooperación Española and the mayoralty of Granada, focuses on education of underprivileged youth from Granada or bordering villages. They offer education in the following fields: carpentry, metal-mechanics, electricity, plumber and architecture.

The Escuela Taller finishes its last phase in April 2007, after which it will end its work in the city of Granada.