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Ultra Marathon of Matagalpa officially announced | Apr 11, 2007

The organization Q50 Races presented officially yesterday, 10th of April, in press conferences to the national Media, the initiative “Ultramaratón Q50 Finca Las Nubes”, which invites national and international athletes to compete, with the parallel goal to promote tourism in the region of Matagalpa, where the event will take place.

The date for the ultra marathon is the 7th of October of this year (2007). The route starts at the city center of Matagalpa and runs through farms and rural areas and ends in Finca Las Nubes, in the district of Matiguás. The marathon takes place in a mountainous area with a lot of ascents and descents which require good physical conditions.

The tour is 80 kilometers long, almost two times longer than a regular marathon. The marathon can be done individually or with relays (two times 40 kilometers) in the following categories: women, men or mixed. The minimum age to participate is 18 years and athletes from any country are welcome. The time limit for finishing the marathon is 12 hours.

César Torres, director of Q50 Races, explained that this is the second time that this organization arranges an ultra marathon. The first one was successfully organized in Patagonia, Argentina in December of last year, in which participated 90 athletes with an important percentage of foreigners, coming from different countries.

The winner of the last marathon, Gustavo Reyes from Argentina, who finished the 80 kilometers in 6 hours and 22 minutes, Hill come in October to Nicaragua to defend his title, according to Torres.

The competition in Nicaragua is absolutely ecologic; the organizers announced strict means to avoid any harm to nature during the ultra marathon. Furthermore, a part of the income of the event will be donated to the betterment of the Medical Centre of the community of El Jobo, in Matiguás.

The ultra marathon Finca Las Nubes is limited to 150 athletes. Inscriptions are already opened and can be made until the 15th of September. Individual foreign athletes pay a participation fee of US$60 and US$80 for foreign teams. National athletes receive a discount of US$10. Further information on the event and how to inscribe can be found at sitio web oficial.

The image showed above, by Q50 Races, shows a small part of the tour forseen for the competition.