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Chilean Dance Company tours through Nicaragua | Apr 16, 2007

The Chilean contemporary Dance Company Burnese will present in Nicaragua their work “Women, occulted passions, colored germs”, during a tour from the 18th of April until the 5th of May. The tour runs through seven cities and there are also workshops for interested people, all shows and workshops are free.

According to the information given by the Nicaraguan Institution for Culture, all presentations start at 7 pm in every city and on the following day at the same place of the presentation there will take place the workshops between 10 am and noon.

The tour itinerary is as follows:
18th of April, Casa de la Cultura “Alejandro Vega Matus”, Masaya.
20th of April, Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada.
23rd of April, Museo de Antropología e Historia de Rivas.
26th of April, Casa de Cultura, Estelí.
29th of April, Plaza Principal, Chinandega.
2nd of May, Sala de Teatro Justo Rufino Garay, Managua.
4th of May, Casa de Cultura, León.

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