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Another massive turtle arrival started | Nov 23, 2005

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Last night more than 2,000 Olive Ridley Turtles have visited the La Flor Wildlife Reserve to lay their eggs. This means another arribada, or massive turtle arrival, has started. In the coming days, much more turtles will come to lay their eggs.

About 20,000 turtles are expected to arrive at the protected reserve, spread out over four to five days. This means that you could see turtles probably until Monday, November 28th. The most turtles will probably arrive on Friday, but in any way you can expect several thousands of turtles to arrive on one day so that will be quite spectacular for sure.

In addition, past turtle arrivals have taken place at the reserve and these eggs are also hatching at the moment. This means that in the coming days you can see both baby turtles coming out of the sand, and adult turtles climbing up to the beach.

The road is at the moment of writing in fair condition, and the water level of the rivers is low enough to easily pass with a high clearance vehicle.