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Award-winning coffee in Jalapa | May 18, 2007

The same institution that awarded the Sustainability Award for the Selva Negra Estate in Matagalpa also awarded a prestigious price to coffee from Jalapa, Nueva Segovia. Coffee produced by the Jesus Mountain Coffee Company was awarded the fourth place in quality by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, which was a well-received form of recognition for this relatively young company.

Just trying out their luck the company decided to send in a sample, which convinced a jury of at least 30 people to pick the brand as one of the 12 best coffee labels. The Jesus Mountain Coffee was priced for its fragrance, aroma, and good taste.

The mountain where the coffee is grown is located not far from the city of Jalapa in the department of Nueva Segovia. The same coffee farm allows tourists to visit the farm and learn more about the site, which also includes some nice trails. The Jalapa region is relatively unexplored but offers a wide variety of activities, most of them nature and culture related.