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Palo de Mayo Festival in Bluefields | May 21, 2007

This weekend, from Friday, May 25, until Sunday, May 27, the city of Bluefields will host the Palo de Mayo Festival, which is a traditional event that takes place in May in this region. During the event a variety of interesting cultural and tourism activities will take place.

The celebrations in Bluefields start every year on the first of May. This year the communities from the more traditional neighborhoods organized festivities and the organizing committee set up forums, photo expositions, mural contests, gastronomic fairs, and other events.

Starting on Friday, May 25 the most interesting activities of the festival will be realized. On this day, initiating at 5 PM at the Parque de Reyes there will be an act during which the candidates for the queen of the festivities will be presented, followed by concerts and dances of local artists and ending with an open Palo de Mayo fiesta with live music.

The next day, on Saturday, May 26, there will be a gastronomic festival starting at noon in front of the Regional Council office. At 4 PM there will be an equine march and at 6 PM, again at the Parque de Reyes, there will be a cultural act with concerts and presentations of a variety of dances. After this event the Queen of the Year will be elected, and the day will again end with a festival and live music. The May festivities end at midnight of May 31 when the traditional Tululu dance will take place in several areas of the city.

Palo de Mayo is a festival and an old Afrocaribbean dance (with sensual movements) that forms part of the culture of several communities in the current RAAS area (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur). Bluefields is the most important scenario for this event.

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Photo courtesy of INTUR