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International Concerts in July | Jun 27, 2007

Various successful Latin-American singers and bands, such as Fonseca, Reik, La Quinta Estación and Calle 13, are playing in July at different places in the city of Managua.

6th of July The first concert is offered by the Colombian Fonseca, who is successful with Ballenato and other rhythms, such as “Te mando Flores” and “Como camina”. The event takes place on Friday 6th of July at Pharaos Casino; entrance for preference area is C$450 Córdobas and C$220 in general.

15th of July In the middle of the month there will be the III Festival of Latin Music, where there will be concerts of the Mexican band Camila, Reik and Lu, plus the Spanish band La Quinta Estación. The event will be opened by the Nicaraguan singer & songwriter Perrosompopo, and will take place at the Event Area of the Pellas Building on Sunday 15th of July. Entrance for the Golden Seats is C$450, C$300 for VIP and C$200 in general.

31st of July The last day of the month there will be the Puerto Rican Reggaeton singers Calle 13 and Julio Voltio. The concert will be opened by the talented Nicaraguan band Zona 21 and will take place at the National Stadium Dennis Martínez, entrance for VIP is C$500, C$300 Field and C$200 Atrium.