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Urbanization Company defends itself | Jul 6, 2007

A high executive of the company Laguna S.A., owner of the urbanizing project Los Congos at the Laguna de Apoyo, came to the offices of to express the advantages of this project, after the urbaniziation companies at the lagoon were accused to harm the environment. The accusation was stated at a press conference at 29th of June by the majors of Masaya, Catarina and Diriomo, and the Club of Young Environmentalists.

Argumentes of Laguna S.A.

“The project Los Congos is eco-touristy, environment-friendly and very disciplined”, expressed Ausberto Narvaez, vice president of Laguna S.A., during the interview in our offices on last Tuesday, 3rd of July. The businessman assured that the project stopped the illegal Word cutting, the hunting and burning at the slopes of their property, which belongs to the district of Diriá.

According to the arguments against the urbanizing companies, Narváez said that they have got the permits to build what they have built so far, that is project plan has norms to protect the environment and that the Internet sales on their web page do not need permits.

“We did not one step without permits”, commented Narvaez, who later showed copies of environmental permits, given by the delegation of the Minister of Environment and MARENA. The businessman assured that he counts with the support of the major of Diría, the company proofed to the local government and population the importance of the project and positive environmental and economical impact.

Narvaez guaranteed that Los Congos is a selective development, an ecological residence which seeks for inhabitants who respect nature. According to Narváez, the project will have Cabañas, villas, restaurants and a high class spa, constructed under international environment norms.

What the major says

When Giancarlos Ruíz, major of Diriá, was consulted, he said that the project seems positive to him so far, but to give them the license is not his authority but the municipal council. “We are not against the development, as long as they have all environmental permits, and so far they showed us the permits”, he said, adding that they are still waiting for the resolution of MARENA.

Martín Carballo, one of the members of the municipal council of Diriá, said that the major cancelled one permit which was given for constructions at Apoyo. Even the permit was for the construction of a street, the company used this permit in a unclear way to get further permits from the MARENA of Granada, which was directed by and functionary who is not in charge anymore. This functionary, according to the accusation made by AMICTLAN and the Club of Young Environmentalists, will be formally accused for giving authorizations in an irregular way.

“The major waits for MARENA. We are not against this investment, but we are interested in the preservation of the Laguna de Apoyo”, said Carballo.

Actually, the local authorities and the company Laguna S.A. are waiting for the decision of Marena on the project Los Congos. MARENA is checking the project plan to see if it accords to environmental norms, established by Nicaraguan laws for the protection of nature reserves.

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