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León: starts commemoration of the 23rd of July | Jul 16, 2007

Today, Monday 16th of July, in the city of León there is starting the “University Student’s Week 23rd of July” organized by the UNAN-León. During this week there will be different cultural activities in commemoration of the 47th anniversary of the “massacre of the 23rd of July”.

The main events, to which the organizers invite the students of León and public in general, are taking place on Tuesday 17th (cultural magazine), Wednesday 18th (alternative rock and trova concert), Saturday 21st (culture event with dancing and music), Sunday 22nd (cultural vigil with various artists in concert), and Monday 23rd, day of memory (oratorio and traditional and protest live music).

The event remind us of a historical date: the 23rd of July in 1959, during the dictatorship of the Somoza family, Universities organized a protest march due to the government who did not react on a massacre of Nicaraguan bushwhackers (ex students and students), done by the Honduran army (linked to Somoza) at a place at the border, known as El Chaparral. In one of the central streets of León the massive march was attacked by the Guardia Nacional (Somoza army). Hundreds of people were injured and four students died. This fact raised the resistance against Somoza, who´s dictatorship ended at the 19th of July in 1979.

The commemoration of the 23rd of July is whole every year, even though until this year there is a whole week of events. For further information on the “University Student’s Week 23rd of July” visit Calendario de Eventos.