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Star Rain over Nicaragua | Aug 7, 2007

The organization ANASA (La Asociación Nicaragüense de Astrónomos Aficionados) informed about the upcoming “star rain”, which can be observed from the national territory, if the sky is not cloudy, the night of 12th of August and the dawn of Monday 13th.

This phenomenon, known as “Las Perseidas”, is repeated every year at the same time and at the most intensive moment there will be two or three meteors per minute, which can be observed in Nicaragua from places with minimum or none artificial lights.

The meteors can be seen from 10:00 pm on Sunday (one per minute) and the climax will be at 3:00 am on Monday, said Julio Vannini, secretary of ANASA. Members of this organization will meet at the viewpoint of Catarina, where all artificial lights will be shut down for a better observation; everybody is invited to join the meeting or use the dark areas to observe the phenomenon.

Furthermore we publish a list of recommendations by ANASA, and directed to everybody:

Advice #1: Do not give up
Enjoy the beauty of a stars night is easy with the blank eye. It can be frustrating trying to observe the sky with telescopes or binoculars.

Advice #2: become member of an Astronomy group
1. Help and advice from more experienced observers.
2. Opportunity to try other equipment.
3. Access to places with dark sky.
4. Sessions of group observations.
5. Access to presentations and documentation.
6. Share with others.

Advice #3: Safety first
1. Observe in groups.
2. Never let the last one leave alone.
3. Bring at least one cell phone.
4. Tell somebody where you go and when you come back.
5. Bring first aid kit.
6. Be prepared for rain, etc.
7. Dress adequate.
8. Prepare the vehicle.

Advice #4: Keep your body temperature
1. Do not drink alcohol.
2. Protect your neck and head, hands and feed.
3. Drink enough hot drinks.
4. Protect yourself from the wind.

Advice #5: Respect the rules of the observing place
1. Do not show a white light during a session.
2. Come before sunset.
3. Do not use your car lights alter sunset.
4. Do not disturb others.
5. Ask before touching.
6. Use headphones for music.
7. Respect others if they do not want to suffer from your cigarette.
8. Leave young kids at home.
9. Do not criticize other’s equipment.
10. Be prepared with your own equipment.

Advice #6: Prepare the observation ahead
1. Bring your papers.
2. Bring your own compass.
3. Prepare the necessary maps and materials.
4. Respect the time and space of the others.