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VI Season of Choral Music | Aug 20, 2007

The National Rubén Darío Theatre starts today, Monday, the 20th of August, the VI Season of Choral Music, in which participate 11 different national groups, who present themselves every day until next Sunday, 26th of August, the day of the closing ceremony.

Every day presents two individual groups, who give a concert from 7:00 pm on in the “Salón de los Cristales”, with a cost of C$50 for entrance. During the closing ceremony there will be a concert with all of the choruses in the main house from 7:00 pm on, and entrance fees are according to the area from C$100, C$80, C$60 and C$40.

The season of choral music is presented since six years and is organized by the National Rubén Darío Theatre with the aim to create a pleasure in the people for this kind of music and to improve the artistic quality of the national choruses.

This year are participating: the Vernacular Chorus of Nicaragua, the Chorus Camilo Zapata (UNI), the Chorus of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Arpegios Chorus (Jinotepe), the Chorus of UPOLI, the Chorus Ángel Torrelas de Batahola, the Chorus Acción Coral In Crescendo, the Chorus Casa de los Tres Mundos (Granada), the National Chorus of Nicaragua, The New Canticle Chorus and the Chorus Parajón Domínguez.

For further information on presentations, see the corresponding dates in our Calendario de Eventos.