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New concert place in Managua | Aug 24, 2007

Yesterday, at a press conference, the national singer and songwriters Katia Cardenal and Moisés Gadea accompanied Sainab Samara, owner of the restaurant La Hora del Taco in Managua, with the intention to open a new event saloon at this restaurant, available for national artists and the people who like to see shows of this kind.

The duo presents today, at 8:30 pm, a concert called “mano a mano” in this saloon, where they sing their own songs but also cover songs from Latin American artists such as Silvio Rodríguez. Furthermore they will present some songs from their upcoming disc. Entrance is C$100 córdobas.

The restaurant was opened last February, and was already a place where different artists performed, but it was not presented to the public until now. The place has a capacity of 250 people and is decorated with paintings by the national painter Juan Blandón, works of classical European artists.

Sainab Samara said that this place can create an ambience of communication between artist and people. The saloon is in the posterior part of the restaurant La Hora del Taco, which is at the main street of the residential Los Robles, one block from Monte de los Olivos.

At the Picture, Katia, Moisés and Sainab talk to a group of journalists during the press conference.