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Beginning of the Patriotic Week | Sep 10, 2007

The celebrations in a tribute to the patriotic days, the Independence Day of Nicaragua and Central America, started this morning, Monday 10 of September. They were opened with an official act, which took place at the Ruben Dario Park. During the next six days there will be many more events in honor of the Independence Day.

The opening act of the “Patriotic Week” began at 10 AM at the mentioned park in the old city center; close to the Plaza de la Revolución. It was presented by the Minister of Education, Prof. Miguel De Castilla. Beside the rhythmic school bands there were present governmental officials and the ambassadors of friendly Central American Nations.

Other events

The commemorative events are going to continue tomorrow, September 11. At the northern border at 8:30 AM will be received the Central American Torch, which will be handed over to Nicaragua in a celebration act by the Minister of Education of Honduras. The torch will have been to Guatemala, El Salvador y Honduras, and will be carried by 11,718 Nicaraguan students (information from the Ministry of Education (MINED)) through Nicaragua until the southern border.

September 12, at 5 PM, when it passes through Managua, the torch will be received at Palacio Nacional de la Cultura in a major act led by the President of the Republic, Daniel Ortega, and the Minister of Education. The following day, September 13, the torch will be handed over at the southern border to the Minister of Education of Costa Rica.

That same day, Thursday 13, at the historical place Hacienda San Jacinto, they remember in an official act, presented by the President Daniel Ortega, the 151st anniversary of the Battle of San Jancinto (Nicaraguan victory over a invading North American Army, at September 14 of 1856). For that day they recommend to sing the National Hymn by finishing labor or school at 5 PM.

The Main Act of the Patriotic Week is going to take place on Friday 14 at 4 PM at the Plaza de la Revolución. There will be 20 rhythmic school bands, high governmental officials, ambassadors and special guests.

Saturday 15, the date of the commemoration of the Independence of Central America from the Spanish Crown in 1821, the Independence Act will be celebrated in all schools of the country. In Managua, according to MINED, there will take place the main act in every district with the participation of primary and secondary schools of the area, which will present a procession.

This year the commemorative events and patriotic celebrations are called “Semana de la Patria”, and will be initiated on September 10 and not on September 1 as the years before.

To learn more about the Independence of Nicaragua and Central America, see our [link=go/specials/5-independencia_Nicaragua.html]Especial Independencia[link]. Nevertheless we inform that the celebrations vary this year, and there are actually as described in this article.