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II International Tourism Congress | Sep 21, 2007

The American University (UAM) and the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) host the II International Tourism Congress under the slogan “Tourism, Economical Development and Fight against Poverty”. It is going to take place at the Hotel Holiday Inn, Managua, on Tuesday 25 of September and international experts will present their expositions.

According to authorities of UAM, there are going to join students, professionals and tourism companies, as well as ministers of tourism from Honduras and El Salvador. This congress is open for everybody interested in that topic.

The participation cost are 45US$for the public in general and 40US$for members of universities and CANATUR. The price includes presentations, food, refreshments and the including in the Book of Memory of the event. Interested people can subscribe at the place of event.

The topics, presented by internationally well-known experts, are described as follows:

- Tourism, economically development and fight against poverty, presented by del Dr. Manuel Vanegas from Minnesota University.

- Impact of Tourism on National Tribute, presented by Dr. Manuel Rivera and Dr. Tad O'hara, from the Central University, Florida.

- Study of tour operators in Nicaragua, presented by Dr. Cem Basmande from the University of Indiana.

- Tourism and space for women, presented by a consultant of the World Tourism Organization (OMT)

- Tourism and Fair Trade, focused on the Fonseca Gulf, presented by Róger Solórzano Gaitán from UAM.

For further information: (505) 278 3800, extension 5416.