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Persistent rains across Nicaragua come to an end | Oct 26, 2007

An end has finally come to the rains across Nicaragua. Over the past three days, the sky has been clear or partially cloudy, and only faint drizzle has been reported in some parts of the country. According to meteorology officials of INITER, this weather will prevail over the weekend and the following days.

The continuous rains, which lasted over a month, have caused severe damages to the urban and national road networks in many parts of the northern, central and Pacific region of the country. Chinandega and Matagalpa have been hit by floods, and saturation of the soil has raised fears for mudslides in several specific regions. Fortunately, the sun has finally cleared the Nicaraguan sky.

The coordinator of the synoptic meteorology of INETER, Salvadora Martínez, explained that the incessant rains were caused by a persistent low pressure system. Over the past three days, high pressure zones and winds from the north have cleared the clouds that covered the country, ending the seasonal rains that have been harmful to several regions in particular.

Martínez pointed out that tropical waves are nearing Nicaragua in the Caribbean, which could bring light rains to the Caribbean littoral zones and high temperatures to the Pacific region of the country over the next days.