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IV Youth Art Festival Leonel Rugama | Dec 12, 2007

During the afternoon of upcoming Friday, December 14, the fourth Youth Art Festival Leonel Rugama 2007 will take place. The event is organized by artist collective La Corriente and by the cultural center Art-Café. A great number of young artists will be given the chance to express their creations in dance, theater, narrative, poetry, painting, arts and crafts, comedy, mime, acrobatics, videoart, music, and singing.

According to Yader Villanueva, musician and member of the organization, the street in front of the Art Café, in front of Parque Las Palmas, will be closed off during the event. The event will start at 4 P.M. with the artists parading on the stage, followed by performances and displays of the different disciplines. Other surrounding locations will host expositions of the arts and crafts and visual arts. The general entrance fee is C$50.

Besides the participating young artists, members of the Escuela de La Comedia y El Mimo, the first public art school of the country, located in Granada, will give a performance. An impressive collection of music bands will also perform: América Vive, Guitarra de Madera Azul, Ocarina, Maizón, Guayacán, Fourregae, Marea Roja, Paul Beaker, and more. Their performance will start at 7:30 P.M., according to the official programming.

This “annual interdisciplinary meeting of youth and artists, with an inclusive and public character, is in tribute to the poet Leonel Rugama (1949 - 1970)”, says a spokesperson of the organization. Rugama was assassinated at the age of 20, by soldiers of the National Army, because of his revolutionary guerrilla activities.

The Youth Art Festival has been organized every year since 2004 by Art-Café, according to Villanueva, who also manages this cultural bar. The cooperation that took place this year with la Corriente has given the event an extra impulse, which is hoped to continue in upcoming years.
Alternative directions to the Art-Café are: de la Estatua de Montoya, 3 cuadras al Oeste, ½ cuadra al Norte.