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Start of the Miss Nicaragua 2008 contest | Jan 15, 2008

The Miss Nicaragua 2008 contest entered its final, public phase on Thursday, December 10th, when the final 15 contestants from the different regions of the country were presented. The winner will be the next Nicaraguan representative in international beauty contests, such as Miss Universe.

The participants will tour to Matagalpa, to which the event is dedicated this year. The final evaluation will take place in the National Theater Rubén Darío (7 P.M.), when Miss Nicaragua 2008 will be elected. According to Karen Celebertti, main organizer of the contest, the current contestants were chosen out of a total of 70.

Candidates of 2008:
Karina Gordon, 18 years, Bluefields.
Thelma Rodríguez, 18 years, Chinandega.
Belkis Gabriela Figueroa, 21 years, Estelí.
Ligia María Largaespada Bello, 23 years, Granada.
Igni Lilka Espinoza, 23 years, Puerto Cabezas.
Paola Úbeda Farrach, 19 years, Managua.
Blanca García Hernández, 19 years, Managua.
Alexandra Castillo Aguilar, 23 years, de Managua.
Gwuendolyne García, 21 years, Managua.
Nydia Blandino Orochena, 20 years, Managua.
Cinthya Vega García, 20 years, Managua.
Amalia Palacios Gutiérrez, 23 years, Managua.
Geisell Gabriela Reyes, 21 years, Masaya.
Jassel Jiménez Artola, 21 years, Matagalpa.
Sonia Barba Fiallos, 21 years, Sébaco.