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Start of the final series of the LNBP | Jan 15, 2008

The final series of the Nicaraguan League of Professional Baseball started today, January 15th, in the National Stadium “Dennis Martínez”. The team Indios del Boer, from Managua, played against Fieras del San Fernando, from Masaya. With a score of 4 to 2, the team from the capital came out victorious.

With the team to win four games first becoming the overall winner, the final series will consist of a maximum of seven games. The title is defended by Indios del Boer, who swept away the team Leones de León after four consecutive wins in last year’s championship (LNBP 2006 – 2007). The winner of this year’s league will travel to Columbia to play the winner from this country.

The games will take place in the cities of Managua and Masaya. The second encounter will take place tomorrow, Wednesday the 15, in the Roberto Clemente stadium in Masaya. Other games will take place on Friday 18 (Managua), Saturday 19 (Masaya), Sunday 20 (Managua), Tuesday 22 (Masaya), and Wednesday 23 (Managua).

For more information on the games, check out our Events Calendar. For more information on the league, please refer to the official website