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Award to Los Mejía Godoy | Nov 28, 2005

The Nicaraguan singers and song writers Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, were awarded this Saturday, November 26th, with the prize 'Orden Rubén Darío' under the name 'Gran Comendador' (great commander) for their contribution to national folkloric music.

This is the highest prize that the Nicaraguan government could give to national and foreign artists. It was granted by President Enrique Bolaños in Somoto, the town where these two brothers were born. They are authors of war songs during the Sandinistas time, songs for 'misa campesina' (the rural mass) and of the most well-known popular singings of last decades.

Both singers are uncles of the famous Nicaraguan salsero, Luis Enrique Mejía, resident in the United States. They are two of a family full of rock singers, folkloric music, and full of other artistic expressions.