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Third Hike in the Laguna de Apoyo Reserve | Mar 5, 2008

The third edition of the hike along the coasts of the Laguna de Apoyo will take place on Saturday, March 8. This eco-tourism event is free and will take the participants around the lake.

This event has been promoted and organized on an annual basis since 2006 by the Asociación de Municipios Integrados por la Cuenca y Territorio de la Laguna de Apoyo de Nicaragua (AMICTLAN), who work on the conservation of the natural reserve.

"Our interest lies in establishing a contact between the participants and the lake, with its beauty and its problems, to make them aware of the current situation and to have this experience make them protectors", said Alvaro Gutiérrez, spokesperson of AMICTLAN.

The hike will take place along 19 kilometers of coastal paths, and will take between 10 and 11 hours of tranquil hiking. The participants will be divided into three groups, coordinated by experts from AMICTLAN, who will talk about the natural reserve and its current situation, as well as explain about the flora, fauna and geological nature of the reserve.

There are two meeting points. The first one is at the offices of AMICTLAN, located in the city of Catarina (from the Bautista church, ½ block to the North), at 6 AM. From here, the association will provide free transportation to the second point. This second meeting place, which can also be reached by own transportation, will be the junction of the Plan de la Laguna, located in the center of the reserve.

The minimum age to participate is 10 years, and as already mentioned before, participation is free. Hikers should take water, food, and sun protection with them. To find out more about this event, please click here.