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Katia Cardenal launches new album | Mar 14, 2008

Katia Cardenal playing one of her songs, accompanied by María José Ocarina and Moisés Gadea
The Nicaraguan singer and songwriter Katia Cardenal has launched a new album, titled “Mariposa de alas rotas”. The album consists of a dozen songs, many of which she wrote herself. Various prominent national musicians have helped with the arrangement, composition and performance of songs from the album, which was produced by MOKA Discos.

The launch of the album to the press took place on March 11 in the showroom of Enitel, a telephone company helping the artist with this new project. During the event, Katia played three of her new songs, accompanied by the young musicians Moisés Gadea and María José Ocarina.

The album “brings together the profound feelings and courage of women,” according to the handout given to the press on the day of the launch. The new songs on the album are “Canta sereno mi corazón”, “Mis heridas”, “Mariposa de alas rotas”, “Quiero”, “Plegaria”, “Quisiera”, “Poderte amar”, “El perfume y la flor”, “No te vayas”, “Una lagrima”, “Buscando el sol” and “Un beso”.

Accompanying musicians are Augusto Mejía, Momotombo, Carlos Luís Mejía, Eduardo Araica, Vivian López, Belén Cardenal, Alfonsina Cardenal, Moisés Gadea, Fabio Buitrago and Andrés Sánchez. “Mariposas de alas rotas” is already being distributed and available to the general public.