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Exposition ‘Intervenciones’ by Mauricio Mejía | Mar 26, 2008

A visitor looks at part of the three dimensional mural by Mejía Baltodano.
The exposition ‘Intervenciones’, by Mauricio Mejía Baltodano, contains two galleries, both transformed into different murals. The first one is flat, filled with drawing and paintings; the other one is three dimensional, with creative projections and installations. The exposition is shown throughout this week and next week in the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC), in the old Gran Hotel.

The exposition was inaugurated on Saturday, March 15, on the eve of Semana Santa (Holy Week). The artist was introduced by officials of the INC as a person with a “very special view on the world, standing out for defending his artistic proposals”. The exposition was reopened to the public in the week of Easter, and will stay open till April 6.

Mejía Baltodano explained that his work was mounted in a day and a half, after a moment of personal confinement in the space where his “intervention” took place. After taking into account perceptive considerations, he started arranging both galleries. For this, he used objects which he designed beforehand, which include pieces of conventional art, as well as pieces made from day-to-day materials, such as aluminum foil, napkins, bottles, and more.

Those interested can visit the exposition in galleries 3 and 4 of the old Gran Hotel, located in the old center of Managua, adjacent to the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura.