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Closing of the expositions by the INC | Apr 3, 2008

Artists Juan Chow, Mauricio Mejía and Ricardo Morales during the closing conference
The expositions “Paisaje Íntimo” by Ricardo Morales and “Intervenciones” by Mauricio Mejía, were closed yesterday morning, on April 2, in the Galería No. 2 of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC). A small conference marked the closing, to which poet Juan Chow was invited.
Both expositions were shown since last March in the galleries of the Antiguo Gran Hotel, where the INC is located, in the old center of Managua. “Paisaje Íntimo” was a collection of paintings by Morales, which showed abstract landscapes of trees. “Intervenciones”, by Mejía, consisted of two galleries, both converted into murals composed of different paintings, drawings, and artifacts made of materials used in daily life, all functioning as a creative interference of the available space in the two galleries.
Both artists said a few words to the audience, followed by reflections made by Juan Chow. “Art needs to be made,” said Chow, using the work of the artists as examples. Chow also expressed a personal denunciation to the public: “there is an agony of true art; emptiness has been filled with artistic outlets… contemporary art is an ethical aberration,” he said.
At the ending of the conference, Mauricio Mejía gave away a large part of the work that formed his murals to the attending public, mainly his paintings and drawings.