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Theater Network elects board of directors | Apr 5, 2008

The present theatrists, during the election of their new board
The founding members of the Red de Teatro (Theater Network, consisting of actors, directors and producers), given impetus by the Carromato Project (Proyecto Carromato), met in the morning of Saturday, April 5. They got together at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) to elect a new board of directors, as well as to analyze the current situation of theater in the country, and to discuss the future of the project and of the artistic genre in Nicaragua

The voting, which took place at the end of the meeting, determined the board to be composed as follows: president, Salvador Espinoza; vice president, Els van Poppel; René Moya, secretary; Guillermo Madrigal, first member; and Harold Agurto, second member.

“Our principal aim is to promote and dignify theatrical activities and theatrists in Nicaragua,” said the new president, actor Salvador Espinoza. He also pointed out that a new objective will be to agglutinate all people involved in this artistic activity, as it is currently confined to the members of the Carromato Project.

Asked about the current state of theater in the country, Espinoza explained that there is no lack of potential and desires, but that the cultural policies of the past government administrations have not been up to standard. The theater society has fallen asleep and been wounded. For this reason, he explained, a diagnosis of the current situation of theater is necessary, to be able to influence public policy. This will mainly focus on promoting the creation of adequate legislation, he said, also pointing out that there has been an important change in government recently.

The Carromato Project is an itinerant workshop, giving theater training in Central America. It is sponsored by the Agencia Sueca de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (ASDI), and has given impetus to activities for four years, bringing with them specialists from Latin America and Europe.